I’m knee-deep in last-minute prep work for the upcoming book 3 launch (more details on that coming soon!), so this is just going to be a super-quick update to let everyone know that I got an exciting email very early this morning letting me know that River of Crows has just been listed as a finalist in the 2023 international Wishing Shelf Awards!

A paperback stack of River of Crows, the first book in my upper middle grade fantasy series, is to the left, against a snowy background. Words at the top read: "Big book new!". To the right, is says: "2023 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist!". Under that is an image of the medal.

The Wishing Shelf Awards are a readers’ choice program, judged by panels of kids in schools throughout London, England, so I’m very excited about this. 😊

This is the second 2023 readers’ choice type of award for which my ‘lil debut novel has been named a finalist (the first one was the Canadian Book Club Awards a few months back), so that has also been particularly gratifying. I’m told the winners for the Wishing Shelf Awards will be announced in April, so maybe I will have an update on this for you in few weeks.

In the meantime, Stone of Serpents will be out in a couple of months and there is still so much to do (so. much.), so keep an eye out for release updates over the next few weeks as well. And be sure to follow me on Instagram or sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss anything! 😁

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