The Arcanium Saga

“An enchanting new world of magic and danger.
Perfect for fans of
Harry Potter and Keeper of the Lost Cities!”

Book Cover - River of Crows
Book Cover - Mirror of Wolves
Stone of Serpents book Cover
Cover to be revealed soon!
Cover to be revealed soon!

The Books

River of Crows

“A smart, funny, exciting fantasy novel for younger readers who love all things magical.” — Kirkus Reviews

Ty Baxter just wants to survive seventh grade without dying of boredom or getting flattened by the school bully. But when he tries to help an injured crow, his ordinary life is suddenly upended. Now trapped in a secret, magical world, Ty finds himself at the center of a cryptic prophecy, and the target of a brutal emperor who will stop at nothing to protect his power.

In a desperate gamble, Ty struggles to control his emerging magical Talent so he can help his friends rescue their kidnapped family members before the emperor uses his dark sorcery to transform them into birds and enslaves them forever as soldiers in his enchanted avian army.

Mirror of Wolves

Two children forged by fire, of Arcania but raised apart. Which one is the true prophesied savior of the worlds?

Plagued by nightmares after his encounter with the evil Emperor Blackthorn and tormented by the revelations about his mother’s death, Ty has become obsessed with his magical training. When he learns of a mystical object with the power to show him whether he really is the one destined to end the dark sorcerer’s reign, he is determined to track it down—no matter the cost.

But when his quest takes a shocking turn, will Ty still find the answers he needs, or will his relentless hunt for the truth jeopardize everything?

Book cover - Stone of Serpent

Stone of Serpents

Certain he knows the whereabouts of the weapon coveted by the tyrant emperor, Gideon Blackthorn, Ty returns to Ordanna in a desperate gamble to save both his best friend and the two worlds. Emboldened by the vision given to him by the Soul Glass, Ty is determined to finally put an end to Gideon’s reign of terror. But when everything starts to go wrong, will the people he cares about most be the ones to pay the price?

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