I overslept this morning and woke up to an email telling me River of Crows is a finalist in the 2023 Canadian Book Club Awards! What an exciting way to start the weekend! 😄

The Canadian Book Club Awards (CBCA) is Canada’s largest reader’s choice award, and this year apparently broke previous submission records, so I am truly honoured to have had my book selected alongside so many great Canadian titles. The book was entered at the beginning of March, so it’s been a long, nail-biting wait for the finalists to be announced. 😆

I want to send a shout-out to my fellow co-finalists—I am so excited to be nominated alongside you all! I will definitely be going through this list and adding new titles to my own TBR list.

And, finally, a huge thank you to the Avid Readers who put so much of their time and effort into making this award possible. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to read through so many wonderful submissions and then have to select just three for each category! I am so grateful to be one of your finalists this year.

The winners of the this year’s Canadian Book Club Awards will be announced in early December, so wish me luck… 😊

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