With the recent announcement about River of Crows being listed as a finalist in the Canadian Book Club Awards, publicity stuff is starting to pick up and I recently did some author interviews for the very first time, which is pretty exciting!

I suppose, in hindsight, I should have done more of that kind of thing last year, when River of Crows first came out. But one of the parts of being an author that I have a really hard time with is marketing and publicity stuff. It’s the thing that pushes me the farthest out of my comfort zone.

In conversations I’ve had with other authors, it turns out this is a pretty common sentiment. Most of us are introverts to one extent or another, and most of us are far more comfortable behind our keyboards than we are with in-person people-ing. Also, we’re much better at building worlds and creating characters than we are at trying to explain why other people should buy the stories featuring those worlds and characters.

But, these interviews happened, and it turns out they weren’t as scary as I’d thought. And they didn’t ask me to try and sell anything. So maybe there will be more. We shall see. 😊

Anyhow. The first interview just went up on The Bookshelf Café News. In it I was asked, among other things, about my dream cast if the books ever get turned into a movie, stories for side-characters (yup–that’s going to be a thing!), writing tools and processes, and non-writing hobbies (just don’t ask me about the tomato thing!!!)

A second interview for another outlet will be coming up soon, and there’s some really exciting news in the pipeline for later this autumn (stay tuned to the blog, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter ‘cause my subscribers get most of my behind-the-scenes stuff before anyone else does.)

That’s it for today—short and sweet—but be sure to check out the interview over on The Bookshelf Café News!

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