Okay, so I lied. In this case, the proof is actually in my hand. Literally. There’s no actual pudding in this post. (I know, I know… you’re terribly disappointed now, aren’t you?) But never fear, for I have something better than pudding to share! Behold my shiny new proof copy of Mirror of Wolves, that just got delivered! Isn’t it pretty? (Ooooo, aaaaahhh!) 😁

A hand holding a proof copy of Mirror of Wolves, a middle grade fantasy novel. It's a paperback featuring two howling wolves carved into a mountain. A waterfall cascades between them into a pool of water. In the foreground, a boy excitedly yanks on the sleeve of a girl whose arms are crossed. She looks less than impressed.

It’s definitely starting to feel real now, people. The proof copy is kind of the dress rehearsal of the book world. At this point, the book has been written and extensively revised, and then sent of to the editor, and come back from the editor, and been revised again. And it’s also been typeset, so all the interior layout has been done. And the cover is ready.

The next step after all of this, is to get a proof printed. A dry run, if you will. So you can test it out, make sure everything looks okay, and that you haven’t overlooked any problems with the layout and such that you might have missed when you just had the on-screen files to work with.

At this step, you’re kind of also hoping to find an sneaky little typos that made it past all your editing rounds. Because there’s always a few that do. And, sadly, you know that you probably won’t actually catch them all until everything is finalized and you’ve already passed your launch day. Because books like to make their creators cry. They’re mean like that. 😂

But still, you try.

Which is what I will be spending my entire weekend doing because the launch day for this book is only eleven weeks away! In some ways it still seems like forever away, but I know how quickly that time is going to pass because there is still so much to do before it releases.

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