I’ve been up all night, unable to sleep after yesterday’s tornado. I am exhausted. Have been staring at my computer screen trying to process yesterday’s events since 4:00 am this morning after tossing and turning all night.

Tornados are not normal in my area. We had a day in 2018 in which several hit my city, but they were far enough from where I actually live that I never saw them. Yesterday, however, it was up close and personal. The kids and I were looking out our back window at the rain and strange clouds, not overly concerned about the thunderstorm warning. And then my daughter pointed and said “it’s swirling”. We could see debris (shingles and plywood planks, I think) rotating around in the air. I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing at first.

Then it got bigger, picked up speed, and came right toward us. I grabbed the kids and we went and hid in the basement until it was over.

(Side note: it is very dark in my basement when the power suddenly goes out. Must make it a point to store some flashlights down there.)

Anyhow. That was not an experience I’d care to go through ever again. And we were very lucky. None of us were hurt. My garden got flattened and something shredded a hole in my screen door, but other than that, I don’t think we sustained any damage. My next door neighbour was not so lucky — she lost an enormous apple tree, and it took out her fence and the shed when it came down. A few houses further down my street, people have lost their roofs. We lost power for several hours, but that was it.

Yesterday, I think I was just in emergency mode, trying to keep it together so the kids wouldn’t panic. Today, I’m feeling it. But now I must pull myself together and try to concentrate enough to do day job stuff with no sleep.

If you want to cheer me up today, because I could really use some cheering up, please leave a review for one of my books. Anywhere that is convenient for you. 🙁

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