With my move in May, my blog posting got interrupted and then I blinked and somehow summer was over and I realized I haven’t update my reading recaps, so today’s post is going to be a catch-up recap for all the spring and summer reading. There were a bunch, so you might want to get comfy. 😊

Overall Spring/Summer Favourites

I’ve read a lot of great books over the past few months, but if I had to pick three favourites, it would be Nura and the Immortal Palace, Moongarden, and Apartment 713, with special mentions for The Grace of Wild Things and Ravenfall.

Spring Reading Recap

  • The Beast and the Bethany (Jack Meggitt-Phillips)
    This one was different, and good choice if you’re looking for a creepy read heading into fall.
  • The Book Eaters (Sunyi Dean)
    Not a MG read this time. This one was interesting. Vampire-like people who literally eat books to survive and store everything they’ve read in their minds. Except for some who are born with a different hunger… for human minds. Like the young son of the main character, who is on the run and trying to keep her child alive. Enjoyed it.
  • Hana Hsu and the Ghost Crab Nation (Sylvia Lu)
    I used to only read sci-fi (yes, I’m old enough that I still think of it as sci-fi and not SF), but this is the first such book I’ve picked up in decades. It was a nice return to the genre for me. Recommended.
  • The Hatmakers (Tamzin Merchant)
    Magic that gets woven into hats as they are made. The hats can grant the wearer wisdom or confidence or peace… or more sinister things, depending on the “ingredients” that are used in making them. This one was fun.
  • Hotel Magnifique (Emily J. Taylor)
    A YA read this season this season–I picked this one up because I really liked the cover and the found the blurb intriguing. It did not disappoint.
  • The Mad Wolf’s Daughter (Diane Magras)
    I really enjoyed this one and have added the sequel to my TBR list. You’ll be charmed by the main character and rooting for her all the way through. Definitely pick this one up if you haven’t read it yet!
  • The School for Whatnots (Margaret Peterson Haddix)
    I haven’t yet come across a Margaret Peterson Haddix book that I didn’t like, and this one was no exception. An enjoyable read with an interesting premise.
  • Stowaway (John David Anderson)
    Another sci-fi pick! Really enjoyed this one. Great pacing and characters you root for.
  • Homebound (John David Anderson)
    The sequel to Stowaway, and an equally enjoyable read. Recommend both.
  • The Secret Letters (Margaret Peterson Haddix)
    A boy finds a box of letters hidden in an attic he has to clean out, and this sets him off on a quest to find the other set of letters. In the process he makes a new friend and the two decide to solve the mystery of these letters and find the original writers. A really fun read.
  • On Air with Zoe Washington (Janae Marks)
    The sequel to From the Desk of Zoe Washington, it continues Zoe’s story after her dad is released from prison. Great read. And like the first book, there is baking (and in this one there’s also barbecue!)

Summer Reading Recap

  • Apartment 713 (Kevin Sylvester)
    This was a fantastic read with a great twist. Highly recommended read!
  • The Edge of the Ocean (J.D. Lapinski)
    Book two in The Strangeworlds Travel Agency series. There are pirates in this one. 🏴‍☠
  • The Mapmakers (Tamzin Merchant)
    The sequel to The Hatmakers, and just as fun.
  • Moongarden (Michelle A. Barry)
    I really loved this one. Kind of a modern Secret Garden. On the moon. With magic. And a robot. Really looking forward to the next one in the series. Highly recommended.
  • Ravenfall (Kalyn Josephson)
    A fantastic, spooky read. With a charming cat and a house with an attitude. Added the sequel to my TBR as soon as I’d finished this one.
  • Everland (Wendy Spinale)
    A dystopian steampunk story set in an alternate London where a disease has eradicated the adult population and children are left to fend for themselves as their world continues to fall apart. It’s a Peter Pan retelling, complete with Hook and the Lost Boys.
  • Nura and the Immortal Palace (M.T. Khan)
    This was a brilliantly done book that touches on an important social issue. Highly recommended.
  • The Secrets of the Stormforest (L.D. Lapinski)
    The final book in the Strangeworld’s Travel Agency books. Finally explains that empty world with the lighthouse.
  • The Storm Keeper’s Island (Catherine Doyle)
    A sort-of-sentient island. And magic that allows certain people to preserve memories and weather in the form of candles that replay what’s been stored when burnt. An interesting premise and well written.
  • The Grace of Wild Things (Heather Fawcett)
    A girl with magical powers seeks out the local witch (who is reputed to eat children) in order to become her apprentice. Really enjoyed this one. Loved the main character.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know! 😊

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