In the middle of all the drama that derailed the Mirror of Wolves launch, something really exciting also happened. River of Crows was reviewed by Kirkus Reviews and got a fantastic write up on their site. Kirkus is one of the major book review magazines, with a long history in the industry, so this made me happy.

A smart, funny, exciting fantasy novel for younger readers who love all things magical. -Kirkus Reviews

Here’s some of what Kirkus had to say:

“There is much for middle-grade readers to love about this fantasy novel; the relatability of the cast, both young and old, is just the beginning. Each character is developed and complex, whether intended to be lovable or detestable, and the relationship between Ty and Ayslenne, which blooms throughout the novel, is funny and sweet. The narrative is fantastically paced, managing to build a world, establish its lore, introduce and develop characters, and kick off an epic series, all while delivering invigorating doses of action and excitement. Ty and Ayslenne’s adventure will effortlessly hook readers and keep them eagerly turning the pages until the very end.

A smart, funny, exciting fantasy novel for younger readers who love all things magical.”

Kirkus Reviews

You can read the full review here.

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