Last week I got a very exciting email inviting me to be a guest on CBC Radio’s All in Day program, and today we chatted about my Wishing Shelf Book Award silver medal win, the inspiration for River of Crows, writing for kids, and lots more! Check out the interview here!

The interview was a couple of hours ago, but I’m still kind of reeling and can’t believe this actually happened. I mean, it’s the CBC — Canada’s national broadcaster and one of those things that’s about as quintessentially Canadian as maple syrup and beaver tails!* And this is definitely the biggest interview I’ve ever done, hence the several days of crazy-nervous panicking before. 😂

But, I think it went well. And it’s just one of several big author-related things that have happened recently, so I’ll have to post some more articles about all that soon! In the meantime, please have a listen to the interview and let me know what you think!

(*For non-Canadians, beaver tails are a doughnut-y type of thing. No beavers are harmed in the making of beaver tails! 😂)

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