Just a quick post to let everyone know that Mirror of Wolves is now available at the Ottawa Public Library in both paperback and ebook formats. Check it out today and find out what Ty and #TeamArcania are up to this time! 😁🐺🖤

Screen capture of Mirror of Wolves page on the Ottawa Public Library catalogue search page.

When 12-year-old Ty learns of a mystical object that can tell him whether he truly is destined to save Arcania from the dark sorcerer Gideon Blackthorn, he is determined to track it down—no matter the cost. But when his quest takes a shocking turn will Ty still find the answers he needs, or will his relentless hunt for the truth jeopardize everything?

If you loved Harry Potter, Nevermoor, or Keeper of the Lost Cities, you’ll love The Arcanium series, too!

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