I am very late posting my December Reading Recap, but in my defence, I’ve been pouring all my non-day-job hours into writing the next Arcania book. But I am making up for my lateness with a more-books-than-usual post because I had more free time over the holidays to read. 🙂

The Midnight Children (Dan Gemeinhart)
A mystery, a creepy bad guy, and a group of kids trying to stay one step ahead of him—what’s not to like? Also, all the amusingly awful names of everything in the town had me laughing.

The School for Good and Evil (Soman Chainani)
A thoroughly enjoyable read that turns the standard fairytale trope on its head and includes several laugh-out-loud moments.

Festergrimm (Thomas Taylor)
In book 4 of the Eerie on the Sea books, Violet and Herbie get tangled up with a killer robot, a seriously creepy waxworks museum, and a mysterious magician. Looking forward to Mermedusa when it comes out!

Secret of the Shadow Beasts (Diane Magras)
There’s lots to love in this engaging adventure filled with venomous monsters that only kids can fight, gamer culture, friendship and found family, and a terrible secret that could change everything. Hoping there will be a second book set in this world.

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series (Michael Scott)
I read through this series very quickly, I liked it so much. Lots of action, bits of world mythology mixed into things, and a cast of compelling characters based on historical figures made this a really fun series to read.

The Pear Affair (Judith Eagle)
You’ll be rooting for Nell and her friends while they unravel more than one mystery in this fantastic story. Really enjoyed the way the tunnels under Paris were woven into this one and stayed up far too late wanting to know what was going to happen next.

The Fourteenth Goldfish (Jennifer L. Holm)
If you’re looking for a book to turn kids onto science in a fun way, I highly recommend this one. It’s wacky and weird and all kinds of charming. Also a great pick for kids who want shorter books.

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