Disappointed you didn’t win one of the free Kindle copies in the Goodreads giveaway last month? Or maybe you weren’t in the US, so you weren’t even able to enter (I know… I’m in Canada and I wasn’t happy about that, but that was Amazon and Goodreads’ rule, not mine). Either way, I’ve got you covered. There’s an end-of-summer super sale for River of Crows on right now, in which you can snag the e-book version for $1.99 — and it’s on most ebook sites and many different countries. The sale is only for a limited time, though, so grab it while the price is low!

Get River of Crows ebook for only $1.99 - limited time only!

In other news, I was looking at the calendar yesterday and thinking how fast this summer is passing. I blinked and July was over. I blinked again and we’re already halfway through August and my kids are already dreading the start of school. Honestly, I think they need another month off. (And, honestly, I could definitely do with a month off myself. It’s been an eventful few month for us, what with the super-stressful move, a tornado, and several huge hail and high winds producing storms since then.)

Beyond that, I’ve been working on a Top Secret Arcanium project that will go out to newsletter subscribers soon, and toying with the idea of another Arcanium-related project that could be interesting. So there’s lots of behind-the-scenes stuff happening that I will hopefully be able to share over the next couple of months.

In the meantime, don’t forget to grab your copy of River of Crows while it’s on sale! 😊

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